Sprays, Wipes & Ointments

We offer many options to best fit your first aid needs. Ask us for samples of any of our innovative products to try them for yourself.

Water Jel Burn Ointment, 25/bx
Burn Stop Burn Ointment, Med.
BurnAid Ointment, Medium
Burn Ointment Unit Dose 6/bag
Tri-Biotic Ointment, Medium
Advanced Biotic Plus Ointment, Medium
Tri-Biotic Ointment, Large
Burn Spray, 2oz.
Antiseptic Spray, 2oz
Hydrogen Peroxide Spray, 2oz
Cold Spray, 4oz.
Blood Clotter Spray, 3oz.
Alcohol Wipes, Large
Antiseptic Wipes, Large
Oral Cut Stix, Medium
Hydrocortisone Cream, Large
Alcohol Wipes, Medium
Antiseptic Wipes, Medium
Hydrocortisone Cream, Medium
Hand Cream, Medium
Hand Sanitizer, Medium
Bio Freeze Gel, Medium
Lip Aid Ointment, Medium
Water Jel Burn Dressing, 2x6
Waterjel Unit Doze, Refill
4x4 Burn Dressing
Insect Sting Wipes, Medium